Forces MoneyPlan offers generic financial guidance defined as impartial, unregulated guidance that helps individuals identify and understand their financial needs and priorities based on their circumstances. It seeks to provide financial information, rules of thumb and general guidance in respect of possible options a person may wish to consider (i.e. what a person ‘could’ do). In contrast, Financial advice provides a personal recommendation, which are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

In contrast, financial advice provides a personal recommendation as to a specific course of action, which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The Personal Finance Society currently runs an initiative called ‘MoneyPlan’ to partner professional financial & mortgage adviser members of the Personal Finance Society & Society of Mortgage Professionals to give free financial guidance to consumers who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to access professional advice (due to either a lack of knowledge around how to access it, a lack of appreciation of the benefits or an inability to afford the costs involved). Forces MoneyPlan is a logical extension of this hugely successful initiative.

A free, no obligation, one off confidential consultation lasting approximately an hour with a qualified, professional financial or mortgage adviser who has agreed to give up their time to provide generic guidance designed to help participants identify and understand their financial needs based on their circumstances. It aims to help members make better informed decisions about their financial options and to show them how to plan their finances. It is not about giving recommendations about specific products or services.

Absolutely not. You will be under no pressure whatsoever during the free consultation to subsequently take chargeable regulated financial advice or buy financial products or services. Indeed, the subsequent issue of a report is designed to act as a break point, ensuring any decision for further contact between you and the adviser is placed firmly in your hands. Unless you subsequently contact the adviser and request regulated financial advice you will not be contacted again by this or any other financial or mortgage adviser from the Personal Finance Society or Society of Mortgage Professionals.

The Personal Society (PFS) is the professional body for the financial planning profession in the UK. Our purpose is to build trust in the financial planning profession. We are committed to driving confidence in the power of professional standards: competence, integrity and care for the customer.

To book a generic financial guidance session please contact Forces MoneyPlan via any of the following:

  • Online by completing the application form
  • By phone on 07900 226151 and leave your contact details on the answerphone and you will be contacted for more information. Alternatively, ask for an application form to be e-mailed/posted to you
  • In writing – request an application form by writing to Forces MoneyPlan, 3rd Floor, 20 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 3BY